Volunteering with the Montana Veterans Foundation

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MTVF! We offer several locations where your services would be greatly appreciated!

Willis Cruse House Mentoring and Life Skills Program

This is a hands- on experience in working one on one, or in groups with our nation’s Veterans.  The mentoring program offers you a chance to become a veteran friend, and take them out of the house to coffee, or on a walk. You will be helping reintroduce them to the community.  The Life Skills Program is the opportunity to use your skills in teaching a class to our veterans. This class environment takes place in one of our brand new Recovery Workshops!  We have several opportunities available!

 Fundraising Department

Volunteer your time in this fast paced area by helping develop material, or working an event in the community!

 Volunteer Program

Assist at events and recruitment of other valuable volunteers such as yourself! These events can take place at local colleges or even at the state capitol!