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With the opening of very own Veterans Recovery Workshop we can work daily to provide vocational therapy to our veterans.  Adopt a workstation today by donating supplies or monetary gifts for maintenance and further expansion of a specific station.  Help a veteran on the road to recovery!

Workstations Include:

Leatherwork: Veterans learn to cut, clean, stitch, and work with leather.  Projects include wallets, glasses case, book binding, shoe resoling, and belt making.

Fly-Tying: Veterans learn to identify and study fly materials and practice tying them for fishing. Fly-Tying is a class that is both instructional and fun.

Painting: Veterans are encouraged to learn painting techniques through classes and express their grievances through painting. 

Beading: Veterans learn the intricate art of beading and bead making.  Projects include jewelry, clothing detail, and Native American inspired art.

Computers: Veterans study computer skills with instruction on MS Office, online banking, networking and tax preparation.  They also use complete online classes and therapeutic programs provided through Vets Prevail.

Quilting and Sewing: Veterans work with a professional to learn sewing and quilting skills.  Projects include clothes repair, quilt making, and darning.

Cooking: Veterans learn the elementary skill of cooking for themselves.  Classes provided in our newly remodeled kitchen include nutrition, baking, and roasting.

Woodworking: Veterans refinish furniture in our woodworking station.  They can also be commissioned to make original pieces by local patrons.




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