Montana Veteran Thrift Store

MT Veterans Foundation - The Gallery

The Gallery -- acts as an outlet for veteran artistic expression.  The Gallery at the Montana Veterans Foundation is pleased to showcase artwork made by Montana's very own veterans.  While they all come from various backgrounds and have served in different ways, they have joined together to showcase their unique gifts and talents for the benefits of veterans.  The Gallery was opened on May 18, 2012 has since proved to be a wonderful addition to the Helena art and veteran community.



Montana Willis Cruse House for Veterans

MT Veterans Foundation - Willis Cruse House

The Willis Cruse Transitional Facility is a 12 bed recovery home for veteran men.  Veterans receive room and board in exchange for service to the community.  In addition they receive assistance in accessing a variety of rehabilitation help including diagnosis of mental illness by qualified mental health professionals, addiction recovery services, and general medical attention.  As part of their recovery program veterans are provided with continuing education opportunities, employment training services and applied work experience through compensation work therapy.

There is a standing zero-tolerance policy for drugs, gambling, and alcohol and all veterans are required to offer their free time to community service efforts.

Since its inception, there have been 210 veterans who have successfully completed the recovery program and moved on to lead healthy fulfilling and productive lives.



Montana Veteran Recovery Workshop

MT Veterans Foundation - Veterans Recovery Workshop

The Montana veterans foundation is pleased to announce the opening of our newest veteran service program.  The veterans recovery workshop will be a hands on project that provides veterans with technical skills training including wood working, leather work, mechanical, and artistic crafts.  As part of their ongoing recovery, veterans are encouraged to work with their hands; to complete positive projects that demonstrate their own abilities and self-worth.

This work program is an integral part of the goals for veteran reintegration into the mainstream workforce.  The recovery workshop is also an opportunity for veterans to produce and sell their crafts at the Veterans Thrift Store providing them with vendor and customer service experience.