The Veterans Recovery Workshop is a hands-on project that provides veterans with vocational rehabilitation skills training including wood working, leather work, mechanical training, computer skills, and training in artisanal crafts.

Currently there are no free of charge vocational training programs that cover these subject areas available to veterans in Montana. 

As part of their ongoing recovery, veterans are encouraged to work with their hands; to complete positive projects that demonstrate their own abilities and self-worth.  This work program is an integral part of the goals for veteran reintegration into the mainstream workforce and community.

The recovery workshop is also an opportunity for veterans to produce and sell their crafts and products at The Gallery at the Montana Veterans Foundation providing them with vendor and customer service experience. 


The program seeks to accomplish three main goals:

  • 1) To transition veterans into skill oriented work that allows them the opportunity to establish a livelihood that is flexible enough to sustain their ongoing health related recoveries.  All currently unemployed veterans living in our transitional facility will be required to go through this program. In addition the Workshop will also be open to all qualified veterans in the general population. 

  • 2) To expand and develop the use of customized vocational rehabilitation to include veterans with physical disabilities, mental health issues and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

  • 3) To grow the recognition of specialized veteran outreach and customized labor for veterans with disabilities in government, business, and non-profit sectors.