Cruse will be missed

It brings sadness to share this bit of news.

Our beloved house dog, “Cruse” has passed away. He was so much more than just the house dog. He was an emotional support pal, longest-termed resident, and overall – friend to so many people involved at the Willis Cruse House. We all feel his absence. You are missed Mr. Cruse! Thank you for your service, dedication, and friendship. Rest in Peace dear friend.

*A special Thank you to Joe Damon, one of Cruse’s best people friends. Thank you for all the walks, sleep-overs, trips to the vet, haircuts, and all of the other things you did that made Cruse’s life happy. We appreciate you Joe, and so did Cruse.

*Another special Thank you to Alpine Animal Hospital. Thank you for all you did for our special pup. He may not have been excited to walk through your door, but I’m sure he appreciated all you did to help him feel better. Thank you to all the staff that wrote touching good-bye’s in the card you sent. We were fortunate to find a veterinarian clinic that cared so much.